Configuring the Zimbra Connector for Outlook allows you to use Microsoft Outlook as an email client with your Zimbra mail server. Here's a general guide on how to configure it:

2) Create a new profile using the Control Panel

  • Click the Search button - type "control panel"

  • Once open, Click or Open Mail (Microsoft Outlook).
  • Click Show Profile and Click Add to create a new profile where you will setup Zimbra Mail with Connector.
    • Create the profile name you wish to use.
    • Click Manual setup or additional server types.

    • Under Choose Your Account Type > Other > Zimbra Collaboration Server

    • Zimbra Server Configuration Settings will open and just fill up the following field below and click OK.

      Server Name:
      Use Secured Connection: Leave it Checked

      Email Address: your Zimbra email address
      Password: your email password

      Leave everything to their default settings for the other tabs (Connection Settings, Download Settings and Data Files)

    • Outlook will open automatically showing your zimbra mail account which now should sync your Contact and Calendar using Outlook.