Configuring the Zimbra Connector for Outlook allows you to use Microsoft Outlook as an email client with your Zimbra mail server. Here's a general guide on how to configure it:

  • You will see a default profile named Zimbra, just use and choose this profile as your starting profile if no email account is not yet configured.

  • Zimbra Server Configuration Settings will open and just fill up the following field below and click OK.

    Server Name:
    Use Secured Connection: Leave it Checked

    Email Address: your Zimbra email address
    Password: your email password

    Leave everything to their default settings for the other tabs (Connection Settings, Download Settings and Data Files)

  • Outlook will open automatically showing your zimbra mail account which now should sync your Contact and Calendar using Outlook.

By following these steps, you should be able to configure the Zimbra Connector for Outlook successfully.