Hosted Exchange (iPhone)

1. Tap the Settings icon on the Home scree
2. Tap Mail
3. Tap Add Account
4. Select Exchange
5. Enter the following information
 • Your email address, including the
 • Your password
 • A description (optional)
   Tap Next
6. Your email should be automatically setup as long as you have the correct email address and password. 

If you are experiencing any issue, please check the following.

• Do you have the correct email address, check for any typo or any added characters
• Do you have the correct password, to confirm kindly login your email to to confirm your password is correct
• Check if you have your autodiscover record added in your DNS, kindly visit this site
- Type in
- Choose CNAME on the drop down
- Click search, there should be a result pointing to 

If you have been prompted by the following information you can try the following settings:

Email: Your email address (e.g.,
Domain: optional
Username: or just the name of the email address (e.g, myemail)
Password: Your email password
Description: optional