Are you currently sitting on a Business Essentials Plan, but are looking at upgrading to the Business Premium so have access to all the added features and benefits?

If so, keep on reading and we will give you step-by-step instructions to complete this process yourself. 

First things first, you need to purchase the new Premium license. This is easily done within your OzHosting Control Panel;

This is how;

1. Login to your OzHosting Control Panel

2.Under the "Account" section there is a hyperlink for "Subscriptions", please select

3.Scroll through and find the Subscription you wish to upgrade

4.Once opened, click the "Resource" tab located near the top of the page

5.Select "Upgrade Resource Limits"

From here you are able to enter the about of licenses you wish to purchase for premium (Note; Do not downgrade your Business Essentials Plan just yet, this may create downtime on your email)

Follow the prompts to completing payment.


Now that we have successfully purchased your Business Premium License it's time to assign it to your desired mailbox.

Here's how;

1.Login to your Office365 Portal

2.Head to the Admin page

3.Select Users > Active Users in the menu on the left

4.Check the box for the name of the user who you want to add or remove a license for.

5.On the right, under Assigned license, choose Edit.

6.Assign the newly purchased Business Premium Plan

7.Save your changes


You have now successfully upgraded to Office365 Business Premium! But we aren't done yet, if you no longer require your previous Business Essentials subscription, please follow the the options provided above to downgrade this service. This will deactivate you Business Essentials and will stop all payments.

We hope this information was helpful! Below is a link to Microsoft Office365's own step-by-step article in this matter, complete with videos and pictures designed to help navigate your way through the process.

Click Here to see Microsoft's Support on Assigning Licences to a mailbox

If you have any further questions please contact our friendly Support Team on (02) 8916 2100 - Opt #2

Please note; Our support are able to take care of this service for you as a Professional Service and will incur an additional one-off-payment fee.