What is an Alias email address?

An email alias is an alternate address that points to a user's existing email mailbox. This allows you to have multiple email addresses which all get forwarded in to your primary mailbox. For example; 
Your primary email address may be name@yourbusiness.com.au.
An alias would allow you so set up an info@yourbusiness.com.au, accounts@yourbusiness.com.au, etc. and allow all emails sent to these addresses to end up in your primary (name@youbusiness.com.au) inbox.  

How do I set up an Alias in my Office365 Account?

This is a simple process to set up. Just follow these step by step instructions provided below;

  • Sign in to the Office 365 portal. 
  • In the header, click Admin. 
  • Under Outlook, click General settings. 
  • In the left pane, click Users & Groups tab, and then click Mailboxes. 
  • In the list of users, select the user to whom you want to add an alias email address, and then click Details. 
  • Click E-Mail Options. A list of user's email addresses is displayed. 
  • Click Add to add a new alias email address.


Can OzHosting set this up for me?

Of course, as a Professional Service our Support team are able to log in and organize the set up of your new Email Alias'. Being a Professional, Do-It-For-Me Service, this will incur an charge to your account. Costs will be quoted on estimated workload and length of time it will take to complete. 

Any Further Questions?

We hope the above information and links have been helpful in learning more about how to set up an Alias for your email in Office365. If any of your questions have not been answered and you are still in need of help you are welcome to contact our friendly Support Team between the hours of 7am-7pm AEST.

Please note; The assistance of our Support team may incur a professional service fee.

Our team will inform you if/how much your support task will cost prior to commencement. 

OzHosting Support Line; (02) 8916 2100 - Opt #2.