Dropmysite - How to add Shared Hosting MySQL database

Please follow this guide if you have a "Shared Web Hosting" plan with OzHosting and you wish to add a MySQL database to the Dropmysite backup schedule.

1) Obtain database information

  1. Log into your OzHosting Control Panel
  2. Select the Shared Web Hosting subscription
  3. Click on "More Services"
  4. Click on "Databases"
  5. Click on the database listed that you wish to backup
  6. Record following details - Database name, Internal Hostname, Host Port
  7. Click on the "Users" tab
  8. Click on the listed User and then click on Edit
  9. Record following details - Database username, Password

2) Dropmysite - Add Database

  1. Click on the Dropmysite tab
  2. Click on "Add Database"
  3. Select "MySQL" as Database Type
  4. Enter the details recorded in Step 1 in the required fields
  5. Click on Add Database

Note: Please use the "External Hostname" listed in below table in the Hostname and Port section

Internal Hostname External Hostname Port 3307 3307 3307 3307


You are able to watch an instructional video on how to complete this process by following the link below;