If you have inadvertantly deleted an email in Outlook (or Outlook Web App) you can recover that email from the Deleted Items folder for up to 30 days after the item was deleted.

In Outlook, simply hover the cursor over the Deleted Items folder, right click and then in the drop-down box that appears select the Recover Deleted Items option.

You will then be presented with a table of deleted items from which you can recover all or selected items from the Deleted Items folder back to your Inbox.

It does not matter if you had previously emptied the Deleted Items folder - they will still be recoverable for up to 30 days after deletion.

You can select the Retention Period for Deleted Items for each mailbox from your Ozhosting Control Panel - the upper limit is 30 days. To edit this login to the Control Panel, select the Hosted Exchange Subscription, select the Exchange tab, select the relevant mailbox Display Name, then select the Edit button and over-write the Retention Period with the any number up to 30.

This feature is not a substitute for an Email Archiving service.

Many Australian businesses have a legal obligation to retain correspondence that contains any information that can be construed as advice, a contractual obligation, a variance to a contractual obligation or is providing additional information necessary to give effect to a contractual obligation or advice. Such correspondence should not be able to be deleted, deliberately or inadvertantly, by anyone in your company.

A service such as Critical Email can be purchased for the mailboxes of key individuals in your organisation and will securely protect all the contents from deletion. Emails can be recovered and restored to the mailbox at any time if you are using this service. This service does not reside in the same Data Centre as your Ozhosting mailbox and is set up so each and every email is copied across to Critical Email in real time. The service is intended to satisfy legal requirements for e-Discovery for your email records.