If you wish to add a NEW USER for your account, you just need to follow the steps given below: 


1. Log into your Account at: Ozhosting.com Control Panel

2. Click on "Users" tab. 

3. Select "Add New Service User."

4. You should be on the page wherein you need to put in all the necessary information needed to add a new user. 

5. After putting all the information, hit on "Next."

6. This section has the option for you on what you can enable for your Exchange Services. Say for example, Active Sync. 

7. You will now see the summary of all the information you set up for new service user. Hit on "Finish." Wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the new user become ready. 


NOTE: Adding a NEW USER is different from adding NEW MAILBOX through Control Panel. Adding new user for your Exchange is only applicable if you want to add a new mailbox in the account. Otherwise, you will be charge for Over User Charge.