How do an I add an alias email address to my mailbox?

1. Login to your Ozhosting Control Panel -
2. select from the subscription dropdown box (top right of screen) the email subscription that has the mailbox.
3. Then select the Exchange tab - this will show all the mailboxes within this particular email subscription.
4. Then select the particular mailbox by clicking on it's Display Name.
5. Then, from the second row of tabs, select Email Addresses - this will show the current email addresses and in this screen you can
6. add additional email addresses - if you have several enabled more than one domain for the email subscription they can be selected from the dropdown box of domains after you have entered the alias.
7. Note, the primary email address is the one that will be visible in the "Sent" when sending an email.
8. The attached image shows the final screen with a breadcrumb view of the screens you go through to add the alias.