If you wish to upgrade your Resources in your account using Control Panel, just follow the steps given below: 


1.  Log into your Account at: Ozhosting.com Control Panel

2. Under "Service Information", click on "Subscription Resources." 

3. It will take you the page where you can view the resource limits/counts of your Plan. 

4. Click on "Upgrade Resource Limits." It will take you to the page where you can decrease and increase resources for your plan. After you decided what to upgrade or add, hit "Next" tab.

5. Now, you're on "Confirm Order" section. You will see full details and reference number of your upgrade order. Just hit "Place Order" tab if you decided to continue the upgrade order. 

6. You will now receive your Tracking Reference of your Order. 


Note: Please double check your upgrade order before placing an order for your account. In addition to that, make sure that your Credit Card details is up to date so that the order will go through successfully. 


*see attachments for actual process.