Virtuozzo Power Panel also known as VZPP is used to manage a VPS efficiently.

Virtuozzo Power Panel Features:-

  • Start/Stop VPS: Start, stop, fast stop and restart the VPS.
  • VPS Resource Monitoring: Monitor VPS resource utilization for CPU, system, disk space and disk inodes.
  • VPS Backup/Restore: Back up and restore the VPS from the backup including all system and user files.
  • VPS Repair: Start the VPS in repair mode when a VPS is broken and does not boot.
  • Embedded SSH Client: Connect via integrated SSH client to the VPS.
  • VPS Re-install: Reinstall the VPS from scratch, either saving or discarding existing files.
  • VPS Actions Log: View the VPS actions log to monitor resource shortage alerts and various VPS events
  • VPS Resources: Shows package name, Additional Information, CPU Usage with graphic, System Usage with Graphic, Disk Usage and Network Usage
  • File Manager: Lets you see the files on your VPS.
  • Change Password: You can use this option to change the VPS Password.
  • System Services: Shows the running applications.
  • System Processes: Shows running application/processes. Lets you see CPU%, Mem%, the command and PID
  • Status Changes: Shows the VPS changes such as restarts, stops, locked, etc.
  • QoS Alerts: This will be the first thing that is going to tell you when a problem occurs.

How to access Virtuozzo?

There are two main ways an customer can access the VZPP tool to manage their VPS.

Ozhosting Control Panel

1. Log into your Control Panel
2. Click on VPS
3. Click on VPS Management
4. Click on "Login to VZPP via VPS IP address"

Direct URL in Web Browser

VZPP is accessible via 4643 port. For example: If your main VPS node IP,

Users can access VZPP in the following manner –

username: root
password: your_current_root_password