In principle, you can make a backup of any type of file, as long as your maximum storage capacity is not exceeded.

How often can I make a backup?

In the Ozhosting Cloud Backup Client you can determine the frequency of the backups. You can have backups performed automatically on a daily (multiple times a day), weekly or monthly basis.

Can I determine when Ozhosting Cloud Backup makes a backup?

Yes, you can set a date and time. For example, you can make a backup at the end of the day so that a backup is made of all the files accessed that day.

Can I make an unscheduled backup?

Yes. Using the backup software, Ozhosting Cloud Backup, you can perform unscheduled backups manually.

How do I know whether a backup was successful?

If you like, you can receive a notification or each backup on-screen or by e-mail.