1. Start Outlook Express. Choose Tools > Accounts from the menu on the top.
  2. Click Add button and choose Mail.
  3. Display Name: Type your mailbox display name and click Next.
  4. E-mail address: Type your e-mail address and click Next.
  5. Choose My incoming server is a POP3 server from the dropdown box.Fill in mail server information:
    • Incoming mail server: outlook.ozhosting.com
    • Outgoing mail server: smtp.ozhosting.com
    • Click Next.
  6. Fill in logon information:
    • Account name: Type your login which is your email address.
    • Password: Type your mailbox password.
    • Click Next, then click Finish.
  7. Select mail account named outlook.ozhosting.com and click Properties button.
  8. Switch to the Servers tab.
    In the Outgoing Mail Server check My server requires authentication.
  9. Switch to the Advanced tab.
    In the Server Port Numbers check both This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
    Click OK.