1. Australian Domains (the ones that end in .au).

Note; we have very competitive pricing for domain names and if anyone is less expensive make sure you don't end up actually paying more! With Ozhosting.com your domain registration allows you to update and manage domain records such as MX records for email and A records for website hosting.

Many domains services companies have low prices but exclude these essential controls and ask you to pay for them when you realise you need them for your email or web hosting...and typically even adding "MX record control" to your domain hosting service will cost you more than you would have paid at Ozhosting.com. So be aware of hidden extras.

Anyway, we actually do not hold the transfer key (it's held by the central registrars) but there's two ways you can request the transfer key:

a) You can contact the "acquiring registrar" and request the transfer key through them

b) or go to Melbourne IT (they are the central registrar in Australia) and at this page you can recover the password/transfer key.

2. All other domain names (example .com and .co.uk)

Raise a support ticket and make sure you give us your account ID, subscription ID and of course the domain name. In these cases we are required to request the transfer key on your behalf.