Premium Hosted Exchange Mailbox
Enterprise Hosted Exchange Mailbox
Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 or 2010.

Outlook Configuration

Before setting up Outlook you will need to determine which Exchange Server is being used for a specific Mailbox, in order to do this, login to the Ozhosting Control Panel and do the following:

  • Select the correct Subscription using "Select Subscription" if required
  • Click on Exchange
  • Click on Mailboxes
  • Select the Mailbox you want to setup
  • Scroll to bottom of screen and ensure Outlook Access is Enabled
  • Click on ‘View setup info’ link next to Outlook Access
  • Scroll down to last paragraph of Advanced Outlook Configuration
  • Note down the Exchange Server which should be EX2K10CAS01

Having completed the above steps you will now need to make sure that Outlook is NOT open in order to configure Exchange.

Once Outlook is closed do the following:

  • Click on Start Menu

  • Click on Control Panel or Settings -> Control Panel depending on Windows version

  • Open the Mail application, you may need to switch to Classic View to see this

  • Click on Show Profiles or similar and select the profile you want to setup Exchange in, please note, you cannot setup two Exchange accounts in the same profile

  • Once you have selected the desired profile, Add a New account

  • Select Exchange where applicable during the Setup Wizard

  • If you see a screen asking for Name, E-mail and other details and you see a tick box down the bottom saying Manually Configure, tick this and click Next

  • You will eventually come to a screen requesting the Microsoft Exchange Server

  • In the Exchange Server field type in EX2K10CAS01

  • The Use Cached Exchange mode box should be ticked by Default

  • The next field will either ask for a Mailbox or Username, this is the e-mail address of the Mailbox that has been setup in Ozhosting

  • IMPORTANT: Please do not click on the Check Name button if you see one, this often causes problems with Outlook connecting to our Servers correctly

  • Next, click on More Settings, if you get a login screen, Cancel it as at this stage it will not work, you should eventually end up in the More Settings dialog box which you will recognize as having many tabs along its top

  • Select the Connection tab

  • Tick the box down the bottom indicating you want to use a HTTP Proxy to connect and click on the Proxy Settings button

  • In the Proxy Settings dialog box, fill in the box next to https:// with

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Proxy settings dialog box and change the Authentication type from NTLM to Basic

  • Click Ok or Next and this will take you back to the More Settings dialog box

  • Click Ok or Next and this will take you back to the Exchange Server dialog box

  • Click Next, you may be asked to login at this stage, make sure the Username is the e-mail address and the password will be the one specified in the Ozhosting Control Panel when you setup the Mailbox, each Mailbox has its own password

  •  A dialog box will indicate the Setup is now complete, just click Finish or Next to finish and close down the Control Panel

Your Exchange account has now been configured and you can access it by going into Outlook, please note, each time you open Outlook you will be prompted to login, ensure that the Username is the e-mail address as above.

This will only happen the first time you open Outlook so you might want to leave it open and minimize to avoid having to login all the time.

In most cases Remember Password option doesn’t work for Basic Authentication.